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iBuild Africa Limited is a Mauritian-domiciled, private equity vehicle set up to seed and grow construction mortgage companies in a number of African countries. It is premised by the fact that over 80% of all new housing stock in Africa is built by owner-manager builders rather than professional property developers and that African banks do not provide mortgage finance to this category of home builder. iBuild Africa’s product is designed to support African families in the process of building their own homes and shorten their build time from an average of 6 years to 6 months. iBuild Africa leverages Sofala Capital’s experience in setting up and managing construction mortgage entities in Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania. For further information email


Sofala Capital is the promoter and founding shareholder of Zambian Home Loans (‘ZHL’), a company set up to pioneer the provision of construction mortgages in Zambia. ZHL operates on the premise that, contrary to western models, owner-managed housing construction with local labour teams is the cheapest and most efficient route to housing construction in Zambia. ZHL provides clients who own land and are in the process of building their homes with both mortgage finance and a range of consulting services designed to lower the risk of the home building process. In this venture, Sofala Capital has partnered with African Life Financial Services, the largest private pension fund administrator in Zambia and part of the Sanlam Group. For more information on ZHL visit


Sofala Capital is the promoter and founding shareholder of IBUILD Home Loans (“IBUILD”) a company set up to provide low income South Africans with affordable construction mortgages. In particular, IBUILD provides construction mortgages to home owners who want to build “separate entrance rooms” for rental purposes. The rental income generated supports the ability of the borrower to repay the mortgage and can ultimately improve the client’s ability to support a family or help in retirement. IBUILD works in partnership with Cashbuild Limited, South Africa’s largest building material supplier, to ensure that affordable, good quality building materials are delivered to its clients. IBUILD also offer a rent-to-own product which targets SME owners who can’t get a mortgage from a mainstream bank. For further information on IBUILD visit

IBUILD Tanzania

Sofala Capital is the promoter and founding shareholder of Sofala Capital Tanzania, trading as IBUILD Tanzania “IBT”. IBT is a construction mortgage originator and service provider and works in partnership with Tanzanian banks to help them offer construction mortgages more effectively. IBT originates construction mortgage clients through its website and packages these applicants for its partner banks. Once a mortgage has been approved by a partner bank the bank disburses the funding to IBT. IBT disburses the funding to building material suppliers and contractors to ensure that the funding is applied directly to the approved building project. For further information on IBT visit

iBuild Global

Sofala Capital is a shareholder in iBuild Global a software company incorporated in Delaware, USA. iBuild Global has developed an application which creates an online market place for services required throughout the home building process. The application allows a home builder to search and apply for housing finance, get quotes and find a local contractors, track construction progress and pay service providers and building material suppliers by mobile phone. For further information visit